Company History

Sekas Process Equipment, Inc. is a fifty plus year old organization founded by Mr. Mark Sekas, a first-generation Greek emigrant who studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of Alabama. After graduation Mr. Sekas went to work at Scott Paper in Mobile, Alabama where he served as a reliability engineer specializing in rotating equipment.  Four and a half years into this role, Mr. Sekas was hired by Warren Pump Company as the district manager for their new Mobile, AL. sales office. Here he gained invaluable knowledge of different pump designs. It was in this role that he began to identify a need for more dependable and readily available pump parts and components. So, in his spare time he began to design aftermarket pump parts, primarily for the pulp and paper industry. As his side business began to grow, he took a leap of faith and went out on his own to start Sekas Process Equipment in 1973.                            


Over the years Mark and Sekas Process Equipment built an exceptionally large and loyal base of customers by providing replacement pump parts that in many instances are superior to those provided by the original equipment manufacturers. 

Over time Mr. Sekas began to offer other replacement wear parts for larger rotating equipment such as Secondary Hydrapulper Rotors, Deflaker Tackle and Refiner Plates. He also began promoting other products such as industrial fans and blowers for manufactures such as American Fan and Buffalo Forge. He even ventured into industrial flooring systems which allowed the company to expand into other industries such as Power and Chemical.

Mr. Sekas was truly dedicated to the business and extremely loyal to the customers he served. So much so, that all the way up to his death at the age of 86, he was making follow up phone calls to customers to find out if there was anything Sekas Process Equipment could help with. 

As a testament to his legacy, Sekas Process Equipment continued to operate profitably for nearly one and a half years after Mr. Sekas' death, without an owner. This is also a testament to his loyal employees who managed the business and serviced the customer base during very uncertain times. 

In November of 2023, Mr. Donnie Johnson acquired Sekas Process equipment from Mr. Sekas' estate. Mr. Johnson has been providing industrial process solutions in the Mobile trade territory for over 30 years. He has worked for major corporation as well as small to mid-sized distributors and manufacturers reps promoting a diverse range of products such as process measurement and control equipment, filtration systems, chemical feed delivery systems, and control valves.

He has served in every role imaginable in the wholesale distribution industry from truck driver to operations manager. This broad base of product knowledge and industry experience uniquely qualifies Mr. Johnson to guide Sekas Process Equipment in this next chapter.  

This is reflected in marketing enhancements such as this website and the expansion of the Sekas product offering which includes filtration products, specialty equipment and instrumentation products. 

We are excited about the future and look forward to building upon the wonderful legacy created by Mr. Sekas.