Specialty Equipment


EGM is a leading producer of value-added,
process and chemical feed systems for a wide range of industries and applications. Our equipment design and manufacturing expertise is backed with
years of specialty chemical sales, service, and application development experience.

South-Tek Systems

South-Tek System designs, engineers and manufactures on-demand Nitrogen generation equipment that delivers the exact purity and flowrate applications require. Our team is committed to providing innovative, highly engineered, quality, and cost-effective Nitrogen Generator systems to meet our customer’s requirements.

Otis Instruments

Otis Instruments, Inc. combines superior gas
detection technology, unparalleled engineering expertise and a never-ending desire for excellent customer service to solve every issue our clients
experience in the field. We are committed to continuing to be the leader in Wire-Free gas detection systems.

HF Scientific

HF Scientific provides reliable water measurement tools, water testing equipment, and chemical reagents municipal water systems use to monitor
water quality. Our focus is to support industrial and municipal water systems, but we also provide water analysis equipment for industrial process control
systems and marine ballast water systems that help eliminate the damaging impact invasive species have on the environment.